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Woman Only Sees Stray Dog On Security Cam At Night, Had To Meet Him

Caitlin woke up one morning to see that a homeless dog had actually roamed onto the property in the middle of the night.

The video footage from the safety and security video camera showed the canine walking the driveway, so she put out some water to see if he ‘d return.

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As well as he did, and this continued for the following 6 or 7 weeks …

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She called a rescue and began leaving tracks of food to obtain the canine into the backyard. Ultimately she was able to tempt him all the way into a pet crate, and also she named him Henry.

Caitlin was so eased that the canine was lastly safe as well as protected! She was moving into a rental home soon and couldn’t bring him along, but she was going to make sure he wound up in the excellent circumstance.

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As well as I got ta state, I assume Henry found the area in life!

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