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Stop The Sagging Of Your Breasts Just by Doing This

Saggy breasts are a rather unpleasant and certainly not one of the favorite topics for women.

However, although they are constantly trying to prevent this phenomenon, breasts lose elasticity and become saggy over time.

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This puts women into a desperate situation, as they lose self- confidence and feel less attractive. Fortunately, there are some things you can do and prevent sagging of your breasts and keep the ideal look of your breasts longer. Nevertheless, we need to start with the reason for breasts sagging.

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In most cases, saggy breasts usually appear after the age of 40, but this is not always the case, as they can appear earlier if the skin becomes old, loose and loses elasticity. Breasts are not made of muscle, so you need to keep them I shape. They contain fat, milk-producing glands and connective tissues.

Saggy breasts can also appear as a result of smoking, improper bras, menopause, improper nutrition, rapid weight gain or loss and over-tanning.

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This phenomenon is also very common in after pregnancy, but it does not result from breastfeeding. The real cause is in fact weight gain during pregnancy, which leads to stretching of the ligaments. So, in order to prevent saggy breasts, you need to pay attention to your weigh gain in this period of your life.

Saggy breasts can also appear due to diseases like tuberculosis and breast cancer. Alcohol and carbonated beverages may as well lead to saggy breasts.

Over-tanning and cigarettes

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Collagen is destroyed by a long exposure to UV rays. Moreover, smoking is a harmful habit which leads to saggy breasts as well.

Wrong sized bras

The wrong size of a bra can significantly increase the risk of saggy breasts. In order to prevent this phenomenon, you should choose bras with holders or pads.

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A French research has pointed put that bras are the major reason for saggy breasts, as they prevent the development and growth of the muscle tissues.

It suggests that breasts need to be exposed to gravity, but wearing a bra for a long period of time will not do any good for them, in fact, it can harm their appearance.

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Namely, women who do not wear bras have more developed muscle tissues which offer them natural support. This is not the case with the muscle tissues of women who wear bras regularly.

Furthermore, women who do not wear bras have more lifted nipples.

Yet, we need to consider the fact that this study applies only on the women who participated in the research, and effects may differ in other women, in particular, in the case of those who have worn bras their entire lives.

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Nevertheless, we suggest that you forget about those expensive lotions and creams you use to treat this issue, since we will offer you a few tips and ways to treat and prevent saggy breasts.

In order to have perfect, not- saggy breasts, you need to keep them firm, by massages, pectoral exercises, masks, and using essential oils and plant oils. So, follow these tips:

Proper diet and exercising

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If you regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet, you will lose weight and maintain the firm form of your breasts.However, note that all that you do should be balanced, as your breasts can become saggy as a result of improper weight or rapid weight loss as well.

For this cause, you should try doing chest exercises, which significantly strengthen the ligaments and improve the look of the pectoral area.

Moreover, push-ups will strengthen the pectoral muscle, make your breasts firm and melts excess fat. You can also benefit by regularly doing the following: lifting weights, chest presses, curls and dumbbell flyes.

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Furthermore, in order to support the breasts and keep them in a good shape, you need to consume healthy and nutritive foods, rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and carbohydrates. Moreover, the regular consumption of tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic or broccoli will provide fantastic results.

Optimal weight

As we previously mentioned, the rapid loss of gain of weight can give you reverse effects. This is due to the fact that the elasticity of the skin is destroyed by the extra pounds, and in the opposite case, the breasts lose the fats which are extremely important as they keep the breast firm.

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The main part of cells situated in the skin of the breasts are made of water. Water deficiency destroys the skin, as it leads to wrinkles, destroys their softness and thus leads to saggy breasts.


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The consumption of pomegranates and the use of pomegranate seed oils can provide numerous positive effects, as they contain phytonutrients that promote firmness of the breasts.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another natural remedy that you should use in this case, as it has powerful antioxidant properties that destroy the harmful free radicals. So, what you need to do is to massage you breasts in a circular motion with Aloe Vera gel, then, leave the gel on the breasts for another 10 minutes, and rinse it off with cold water afterwards. Repeat this procedure 5 times a week.

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You can also benefit a lot from the application of natural masks. To Improve the condition of your breasts, prepare this natural breast mask and use it at least once a week.


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1 egg
1 Tablespoon of yogurt
1 Tablespoon of vitamin E oil
Rub the mask on your breasts and leave it to act for half an hour. Then, wash it off with cold water/


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The regular massage of your breasts ca enhance the elasticity of your skin. If you repeat the massage three times a week, your breasts will become firm and perky. Use some beneficial oil, such as with olive or coconut oil. This massage will stimulate the blood flow and eliminate the effects of sagging, as it will repair the damaged cells.

Essential oils

The use of essential oils will improve the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, choose some oil, carrot oil, spearmint oil, lemongrass oil, fennel seed oil, and the like, and use only two drops of it to massage your breasts several times a day.

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Vegetable oils

Coconut, almond grape seed or olive oil massages can enhance the skin and tissue of the breasts’ skin, will make them firm and soft. For best results, mix these oils with several drops of essential oils.

Massages with ice

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Ice massages should last for only a minute, since longer massages with ice can cause numbness. They provide amazing results. All you need to do is to rub ice cubes in a circular motion on your breasts.

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