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5 Surprising Symptoms of Diabetes

Besides the usual symptoms of type 2 diabetes which include voracious thirst, frequent need to urinate and haze in the hands, there are also hidden symptoms that you would never link with diabetes. You should keep an eye on the following 5 symptoms that could indicate issues with your blood sugar levels.

1.Loud and frequent snoring
According to Dr. Osama Hamdy from Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, almost half of the patients with type 2 diabetes have breathing difficulties during sleeping. So, check your sugar levels if you snore loudly while you sleep. According to one Canadian study, 23% of people who experience sleeping difficulties such as moderate or mild sleep apnea are at risk of developing diabetes in 5 years. Even though this link has not yet been scientifically proven, the statistics show an unusual relation. This is probably due to the stress hormones that our bodies release during sleeping which increase blood sugar levels.

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2.Unusual skin changes
Skin changes are another symptom of increased blood sugar levels. You should definitely check your blood sugar levels if you notice dark blemishes on the elbows, joints or the back of your neck. Dr. Sanjiy Saini, a dermatologist in Egarwater, Maryland, explains that these changes indicate increased blood sugar levels as well as genetic or hormonal conditions. He says that the dark color of the blemishes is due to melanin which gets stimulated by the increased insulin amounts. He added that these skin changes indicate that the patient already has diabetes. However, once the blood sugar levels of the patient are normalized these dark skin patches can be treated with laser therapy or using topical retina A.

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3.Difficulty hearing
In case you experience hearing issues, particularly hearing loss then you should probably do a blood sugar test. According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, hearing loss can also indicate diabetes. Experts explain because diabetes damages the blood vessels and the nerves in the inner ear which leads to hearing loss. In case of increased blood sugar levels, the patient has a 30% higher risk of experiencing hearing issues than those with normal sugar levels.


4.Sudden vision improvement
If you were wearing glasses your whole life and suddenly you don’t need them anymore the reason could be diabetes. Dr. Howard Baum from Vanderbilt University explains that diabetes can cause both vision deterioration and improvement. He said “Some patients told me that their vision has bettered when their blood sugars were raised, and then after they begin treating their diabetes, they needed their glasses again”. Diabetes affects the vision by stimulating the fluid levels from the body to move more which can also travel to the eyes thus cause vision changes.

5.Constant itchiness
In case you experience itching so much that you can’t stop scratching yourself you should consult your doctor because this can also be a hidden symptom of diabetes. Diabetes makes the skin irritated and dry and it also reduces the blood flow. According to Dr. Baum, newly diagnosed diabetes patients claim that they have experienced itchiness on their hands, lower legs and feet which is why he recommends blood sugar tests if these symptoms occur. If you are unable to relieve the itching even with a moisturizer, consult your doctor as soon as you can.

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