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How to Cleanse Your Body from Parasites and Normalize Your Weight with Only Two Ingredients!

Are you worried about your sugar cravings? Well, you are not alone. Have you ever wondered why people deal with chronic “sweet tooth?” It may be an addiction, and we give you the two main reasons for that.

You may have parasites in your body or it is just your stress. Eating tons of sugar may help you stave off your cravings, but this contributes to accumulation of excess mucus in the body. Excess mucus is an excellent base for bacteria and fungi, providing great conditions for multiplication and reproduction.

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Parasites thrive off the excess mucus and zap your energy. This is why you crave for sugary foods. What is even worse, the more fat you have the more parasites will thrive in your body, because parasites really like thriving in fatty deposits.

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Get rid of those yucky parasites and boost your energy. You can practically feel the weight lifting off your shoulders. Nature has the perfect remedy for you — all you need is two simple ingredients. Buy organic flaxseeds and cloves, and get rid of the nasty little buggers.



100 g flax seeds
10g dried cloves

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Grind the ingredients in a coffee grinder.

Cleanse your body

Take 2 tablespoons of the powder every morning, for 3 days. Add it to your breakfast or stir it in a glass of warm, purified water.

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Make a 3-day break and repeat the treatment. The whole procedure lasts for 30 days.

Repeat the procedure few times a year to keep any parasites away.

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