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A two-legged wandering mom takes care of her homeless family

It is clear to everyone how strong and resilient animals are and that they often have to accept what surrounds them in order to survive, writes animaland

There are too many homeless dogs in this world, who barely make ends meet, but some are really amazing.

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An example is this mom who struggles with disability but is still successful in everything.

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This incredibly strong mom is in China. Although not completely healthy, she successfully maintains her family and takes care of her cubs.

Shi Bao is the name of this beautiful mom. She used to have a home, but the owner decided to let her take care of herself. It was then located at Kouguan Railway Station, Datong, Shanxi.

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She was struck by a terrible accident that left permanent marks on her. People from the area think it was due to a car crash or maybe even a train, but luckily she managed to survive.

Then her struggle began.

This special mom gave birth to cute and completely healthy puppies. Mom and her cubs look for food around the station every day.

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In the first place in her life are her children and she will do everything for them.

Everyone knows that these animals are not very well protected in that country, but we believe that Shi Bao and his cubs will be able to find a home or institution that will take care of them. We wish them all the best of luck!

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They, like all other animals, deserve all the most beautiful things in this world. Love, peace and happiness.

Source: animaland.info

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