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A blind abandoned kitten can’t stop hugging her new friend after she’s adopted

In Cape Town, a citizen came across a little kitten named June and took him to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG). The little kitten was not in very good health, writes animaland

Except she was sick, she couldn’t see at all. No matter what, she looked like she could live with it.

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Holly Gilbert-Jones, who volunteers at DARG and was very happy to take care of June, told The Dodo that the little kitten was brought by a parishioner when he came across her and she believes her mother is no longer alive.


No matter how blind she is, this little kitten thinks she is the same as all other cats. He runs around the house all the time, enjoying it. She is very cheerful, but she needs a lot of love from the people she meets.

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After a couple of months with Holly, little June has finished all the necessary interventions and all that is left for her is to have someone adopt her. Someone who is willing to give a lot of love and attention. DARG spread the news via social media and hoped that a potential owner would respond.

Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner are a couple who decided to provide everything they needed for this little kitten without knowing anything about her. As soon as they took her in her arms she immediately clung to her new dad.

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As they led June to her new home, she enjoyed Duff’s embrace cuddling with him the whole time.

Rebecca told The Dodo she just climbed up to his door and didn’t come down after that.

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Little June is now very happy in her new home with a new family. They also have cats Leiu and Leeloo.

June loves to walk in nature, of course with a belt around her.

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Duff said she is actually perfection, every bit of her personality.

He also says he has never seen an animal that is so strong and on the other hand very happy and kind. She is, for him, a wonderful being.

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Source: animaland.info

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