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Dog Who Looked Like An ‘Alien’ Deemed Too Tiny And Sick To Stay At A Shelter

When an eight-week-old “alien” looking puppy showed up to the shelter, she was deemed much too little and ill to stay there, writes ilovemydogsomuch

So she’d need a hero to step up and take her in for care who would be willing to see past this temporary, unorthodox look of hers. A true second chance at life was the only thing that could save Pippa.

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And one look from dog foster Amanda was all it would take. She picked Pippa up and brought her home, and this is when she realized the pup had no idea what life as a dog was supposed to be. She would just sit on the ground and shake. But after a few days of medicated baths, she started breaking out of her shell and feeling much better!


After three weeks, almost all of her hair had grown back in! And that wasn’t it for the good news; It wouldn’t be long at all until a woman named Terri heard about Pippa and decided to adopt her! The little dog looks nothing like she did at the beginning, and it’s all thanks to some people loving her for who she is.

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Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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