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Chained Dog Watches Family Dog Living Life Of Comfort, While He Faces Hardships

Dogs are social animals who thrive on companionship, exercise and mental stimulation. Even so, there are many owners who still think it’s okay to force dogs into solitary confinement, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Under the guise of keeping a “guard dog”, such heartless owners remorselessly keep dogs chained outside till the day depression, stagnancy and loneliness suck the life out of these love-starved babies.

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The video below is a powerful effort by PETA directed toward changing the lives of “outdoor dogs”. This minute-long clip runs 2 frames simultaneously – so that we can see the happy and pampered family dog on the left side and the neglected chained dog on the right. This powerfully paints the heartbreaking contrast between the lives of these 2 innocent dogs.


From the very first second, we can see the haunting desperation that dominates the life of a chained dog. While the family dog lives a cozy life surrounded by loving friends and family, the outdoor chained dog’s life is an endless struggle of enduring the bad weather and yearning for food, movement and most of all, the love of humans.

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It’s hard to ignore the fact that people who chain their dogs 24/7 are mostly neglectful owners who often fail to provide basic food and hygiene to their dogs. It’s quite evident that isolating a dog is damaging to their physical and mental health. Let’s extend our whole-hearted support and do our part in raising awareness to free the chained dogs.

Click the video below to watch the heartbreaking difference between an adored family dog and an unloved outdoor chained dog.

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Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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