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Owner Decides He Doesn’t Need His 11 Dogs, So He Dumps Them In A Field Alone

The humane officers from the Delaware County Animal Control had their hands full recently, but they need help from the general public trying to piece together what exactly happened to the 11 dogs and pups they found all alone, writes ilovemydogsomuch

After several hours of searching on foot, crawling through cornfields, and sliding into drainpipes, authorities rescued 11 abandoned dogs.

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“Two are heavily pregnant and are in a foster home. Two are underweight and three others have skin infections or sores. None of the dogs are spayed or neutered. Most are terrified and acting defensively, an indication that they have had little socialization and were abandoned,” stated Animal Control Director Ethan Browning.


Despite everything they have endured in their short lives, Browning believes with love and attention, all 11 dogs can learn to trust again and are expected to make a full recovery. If anyone has information on these animals, you are asked to contact Delaware County Animal Control at 765-747-4851. Please always seek help from a shelter or rescue group if you can no longer care for your dogs.

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Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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