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Foxhound Branded with ‘300’ on Body Adopted by Good Samaritan who Rescued Him

A hunting dog found branded with the number “300” on both sides of his body has been adopted by the man who rescued him, writes dogheirs

Phil Husentza’s friend found the neglected dog near Charleston, South Carolina and immediately contacted him knowing he could help. Phil came to help rescue the dog and brought him to an emergency clinic to be looked over. A vet determined that the foxhound had been shaved and burned with some kind of chemical substance.

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Kay explained that that sometimes people will use hair dye or temporary paint to identify their hunting dogs in a pack during hunts, but that in her 20 years experience she’s never seen a dog permanently branded and scarred in this manner. Animal Control is investigating the case.


With Lucky on the mend, Kay also announced that Phil would be adopting Lucky on Friday. Phil told the Post and Courier that he was still coping with the loss of a dog he’d owned for 13 years when Lucky came into his life. When he first cautiously approached Lucky to rescue him he gave the dog a treat. Lucky ate it and then gently laid his chin on Phil’s arm. At that point, Phil said, “It just melted my heart, and I knew he’d be mine no matter what.”

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The Charleston Animal Society (CAS) was notified and took the dog, nicknamed “Lucky 300”, into their care. Kay Hyman, spokesperson for the no-kill shelter, said Lucky was in some pain and fighting an infection caused from the burns, but is recovering nicely.

Source: dogheirs.com

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