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Wildlife Photographer Raises Awareness for Lion Conservation With Beautiful Portraits

Los Angeles-based wild animals digital photographer Simon Needham takes stunning pictures of various animals to elevate understanding of jeopardized species and motivate preservation initiatives. Just recently, he was given the opportunity to revisit Glen Garriff Preservation in South Africa to take advertising images of the lions in their treatment. Throughout this experience, Needham had the ability to get close to some of the uncommon white lions as well as capture their striking coloration.

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Although often misinterpreted for an albino lion, white lions really occur because of a recessive hereditary mutation in a condition called leucism. In order for a cub to be born with a white pigmentation, both parents should have this recessive genetics. While white lions are belonging to South Africa, prize hunting has made their existence in the wild a rarity, so they are almost solely seen in havens like GG, which offer a large and secure area for them to live in. Needham checked out the area to take free promotional images of the lions that GG can make use of to promote their reason.

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Keep reading to get more information concerning Needham’s experience at GG Conservation in My Modern Met’s unique interview.


Can you tell us regarding your background in art?

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I originally mosted likely to university and studied visuals style, then started my own firm
at 18 (ATTIK) which I expanded with my partner James Sommerville to a point where we had
offices worldwide and used 350 team. I was the team imaginative director
and also focused on the innovative element of our company which additionally consisted of directing several
commercials for my customers as we did a couple of photoshoots which I delighted in enormously.
We then marketed the firm after 25 years which gave me an opportunity to focus on the
things I was passionate about.

Just how did you become interested in wildlife photography particularly?

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I wanted to do more traveling and photography and understood that if I was to provide my time to humanitarian causes and also preservation NGOs, it would certainly allow me to repay, in addition to travel and fire really distinct situations and subjects.

Just recently, you were able to check out GG Conservation to photo their lions. Why did you select to go to this location?

It was simply that I recognized Suzy from GG and used her my time to fire material for her that she can after that use to promote their extremely vital cause.

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How was the experience?

I’ve gone to there a number of times and also each time it improves. I likewise feel a lot more positive dealing with the lions and they can be extremely challenging!!

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Your pictures of white lions have acquired a lot of attention. What can you tell us about this rare mutation?

At GG Conservation they have numerous white lions but white lions are uncommon in the wild. This is since their coloring is the outcome of a genetic mutation in which 2 copies of the gene should be present for the white coat to show up in the pet. … The white lions are classified as towny African lions (Panthera leo).

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What was it like to see a white lion in person?

Being close to any kind of lion is definitely sensational, their power is apparent, however with the added one-of-a-kind white layer it’s just a privilege!!

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Can you inform us a little about what GG Preservation is doing to assist these lions?

GG looks after around 77 lions that wouldn’t be with us or else. Their take care of these pets is from a place of love and they function greatly difficult to ensure they are both delighted and also healthy and balanced. Yet it’s an economic battle for them in several means, including maintenance and vet expenses!

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What do you believe is the crucial to wildlife photography?

I’ve just been photographing wild animals for about three years so I’m still learning, yet one point I do understand is that you require a great deal of patience!

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What are some of the challenges?

Obviously, the logistics of discovering wildlife is one as well as usually needs a great deal of effort as well as time to get to the point of in fact taking that unique photo. The various other one is discovering the best spot for the lights as well as history standpoint. Then you simply wish the animal will certainly do something intriguing!

Do you have any type of future tasks that you can tell us about?

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I am wishing to head back to Africa in April or May to shoot for a few other shelters (assuming the COVID problems are extra under control).

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